Re: Mother Instead of Father on Gravestone #germany #general

Lindsay Broughton



I have found a number of gravestones with the mother’s name on them in Hungary and Slovakia, including the gravestone of my great great grandparents, Wilhelm LOVINGER and Amalie LOVINGER  nee MILCH, who are buried in the Bratislava Neolog Jewish Cemetery. I've also seen similar gravestones in the Kozma Utca Jewish Cemetery and Farkasreti Jewish Cemetery in Budapest. Both my great great grandparents knew who their fathers were and both of their respective parents were Jewish. I believe that having the mother’s name on a gravestone, for people in Hungary and Slovakia at least, would have been related to the fact that the person was part of the Neolog community, as opposed to the Orthodox community, and that this practice was one of the reforms of the time associated with the Neolog movement.

Some gravestones with the mother’s name on them include the Hebrew abbreviation Shin Aleph, which is an abbreviation for Shem Ima, meaning mother’s name.


Lindsay Broughton

Sydney, Australia

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