Polish translation requested for MUNAT/KREPS marriage from Warszawa 1886 #translation #warsaw #poland

Andy Monat

I would greatly appreciate a translation of Akta 16 of https://szukajwarchiwach.pl/72/200/0/-/147/skan/full/hH0BSniIs4xbhbpOvVSiHw, which is indexed in JRI-Poland's "Warsaw PSA Births 1864-1905 Marriages 1864-1908 Deaths 1868-70,72-75,77-89,91-1905" as the marriage of Moszek KREPS and Chana Szajndla MUNAT. I am interested in any genealogically relevant information. The bride may be a sister of one of my ancestor Shmuel Moshe MONAT, and also a sister of Josef Hersz MONAT whose birth on 23-Dec-1847 to Izrael and Ryfka Matla is indexed by JRI-Poland as well (in "Warsaw Births 1826-44,46-52,54-66 Marriages 1826-44,46,47,49,51,52,54-57,59-65 Deaths 1826,28-30,32-49, 51-66 Divorces 1826,27").

(It looks like the bride's parent's names are given as something like Izrael Mana[?]a and Ryfki Matli, though the index only lists a single given name for each of them, Izrail and Rifka.)

Please respond privately unless your message is of general interest.           Best regards, 

Andy Monat, Massachusetts, USA

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