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Maybe they had a religious marriage in 1938 and did not have a civil marriage until 1950.   This was common in Eastern Europe, although your example is in the US. 
Another possibility is that they thought they were common law married.  However, in spite of the general idea that people were common law married after living together for a period of time, there are
specific requirements for a common law marriage.  Illinois abolished common law marriage in 1905.  Perhaps this couple thought that they were common law married and, when they discovered that
they were not, they decided to legalize the relationship.  For example, you cannot collect social security on a partner's account  if you are not legally married.  

There are a few states that still have legal common law marriage.  Pennsylvania abolished common law marriage in 2005, but any common law marriage occurring before that time is still recognized. 
Pennsylvania has replaced common law marriage, probably because of Quaker tradition which has no religious leaders, with a marriage certificate that does not require someone to officiate. 

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Chicago repeat marriage in mid 20th C.
#general #usa
From: Hanna Grossman
Date: Sat, 04 Jul 2020 20:48:52 EDT

Can someone make a suggestion as to why my 4th cousin once removed, Max KIRCHHEIMER (KIRK) who said in his citizenship papers that he married Alice FREUDENTHAL in Chicago on 12 Nov 1938, whose 1940 census shows him living as married with Alice, her parents, siblings and their baby, should show up in a Cook County marriage index as marrying her on 27 Oct 1950?

What reason might there be for marrying the same person again? There is no indication that they were divorced in between.

Hanna Grossman, Arlington, VA



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