Re: Chicago repeat marriage in mid 20th C. #usa #general

Lin Mor

Hi Hannah, I am sure that no two or more, situations are the same, but sometimes a misunderstanding happens. My maternal grandparents are on record to have received a marriage license in Erie PA in April, 1908. I am quite sure that they had a religious ceremony, possibly a few months before, because Grandma was about 3 months pregnant in April.  Perhaps they though it wise to also have a civil marriage record, but the signed civil/legal paperwork was never returned to City Hall. According to civil law, then, the marriage did not take place.  I attribute it to ignorance as well as perhaps a language barrier as to how it all needed to be done. My suggestion is that you can check to see if a marriage license was issued in 1938, the people in Erie PA found the license issuance easy to find in their records.

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