Re: Baby birth/death records from 1910’s and 20’s New York — Doctor scandal — #general

Fred Kolbrener

There is something you can try using  If not a member, join, it's free.

Do a new search, enter the last name in the surname field, and ONLY the FIRST Names of both parents in the mother and father field (you can try one parent name also, but the list will be longer).  Under TYPE, check off BIRTHS.  In the birth location field, fill in New York City or other part of NYC and do a search.  Change location and keep trying - there are never guarantees.

You'll get a list of all the birth records that got indexed for the surname and the first names of the parents  unless the name was butchered badly on the records.  Try variations

If you are lucky, you'll find a couple of promising leads.  Some of the data on the BC's are extracted.  With the film number and certificate number, you can go to the Family  History Center when they reopen and find the images on line.  I have found several children that were unknown in our family in this manner and had died at birth or even within four or five years later.   
Fred Kolbrener

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