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Stephen Weinstein

It is possible for a 13 year old to have a baby, and then get married years later, whether to the father or to someone else.

However, I would start by checking the child's age on the grave and the census to try to figure out how old she was when they traveled a few months after marrying.

I like the idea of confusing 9 years with 9 months.  However, being 9 months old just a few months after the marriage would still mean her mother was pregnant before marriage, and gave birth before the marriage.  That's unusual, because if an unplanned pregnancy occurred and the parents decided to marry, they would try to do it as quickly as possible, and certainly before the birth.  Prior to the invention of early pregnancy tests, the typical time for someone to realize she was pregnant and arrange an urgent wedding was such that the baby was typically born 6 months later.  (A particularly famous example of a child born that amount of time after his parents married was President Obama.)  If you research the history of laws on what Shabbos violations where permissible because they could save the life of a baby and what wasn't allowed because it was pointless (the baby would die anyway) or unnecessary (the baby would live anyway), there's a fascinating error: At one point, it was erroneously thought that a baby born after 7 months of pregnancy had a better chance of survival than a baby born after 8 months of pregnancy.  This makes no sense medically, but was an easy mistake if most of the babies reported to have been born after 7 months of pregnancy were really born after 9 total months of pregnancy: 2 before marriage and 7 during.

Here's a simpler explanation: a badly formed 0 can look like a 9, so maybe the age was "0", not "9".

On Sat, Jul 4, 2020 at 12:05 PM, Ellen Gottfried wrote:
898. Her age was given as
22, his as 23. A few months later they traveled to New York with a 9
year old girl, Mollie, who was listed as their daughter. The 1900 US
census lists Mollie as their daughter. Her marriage record gives her
parents as Annie and Solomon. Her grave has Malka bat Solomon. How
can I reconcile this information?

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