Re: parents as "cousins" on #dna

Alexander Press

Just a quick follow-up regarding Going over my niece's list of shared matches, I was able to check several documentable fourth and fifth cousins, all correctly identified as such on Ancestry. From this I gather that a "4th-6th cousin" or a "5th-8th cousin" may be just that and not some phantasmic relationship. On the other hand, I have found 23 and Me virtually useless for establishing relationships. Whereas Ancestry sometimes understates them (e.g., a third cousin identified as "4th-6th"), 23 and Me clearly overstates them. Thus I would avoid lumping the two services together. Ancestry is actually so good that I wish it could be a bit better, but my hunch is that it provides enough information to allow a skilled codebreaker to cluster the matches along discernible branches even with the interference created by endogamy. One complaint I have is that there's a mysterious canyon between 90 cm and 60 cm, which customer service has been unable to explain.

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