Re: Lincoln Brigade and Spanish Civil War #usa

Kenneth Ryesky

Have you checked out the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives at New York University's Tamiment Library?
Physical access is now closed on account of this WuFlu epidemic and is now strictly online, but way back about 20 years ago when I wanted to access it, I was told that access was limited to NYU students and faculty, OR to students and faculty from other institutions by special arrangement with their own institution's library.  Fortunately, I was part-time faculty at Queens College CUNY and was friendly with some of the people in the library there, so I did get access.
It is noted that many Lincoln Brigade volunteers fought under a nom de guerre and/or had already been using names other than their birth names (a common ploy on the part of Communist Party apparatchiks in the USA).  These included my grandfather's cousin, Arnold Reid (ne Reisky), who was killed in Spain.
-- Ken Ryesky
Petach Tikva, ISRAEL

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