Re: Can Udel be a Female Given Name?# names # hungary

David Lewin

At 21:31 05/07/2020, you wrote:
While researching names related to an uncle of my late mother I
bumped twice in into Udel BLASZ from
Bardejov,Slovakia. Once it was identified as a male born in 1874 and next "he"

married in 1894 with Salomon FINGERHUT from Wisnicza (Nowy Wisnicz)
whom I clearly located on JRI-PL. I know that Udel is a nickname of
Yehuda. Any ideaS?


Jacob Rosen


Questions about names are ofte best researched in Hebrew

UDEL is reported to be a song in Greek, derived from Edel the eldest
and only daughter of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav - see

A varient is Odele

David Lewin

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