Re: Chicago repeat marriage in mid 20th C. #usa #general

Frank Schulaner

Perhaps not really relevant, but would've seemed so to me years ago when I was the Haggadah's "Too young to understand things." I was confused by two gravestones with the same female name, and dates not all that different (as if older and younger sisters) near my father's father's stone--one of those two stones (or I exaggerate this?) noticeably more distant from my grandfather's stone.

Our grandfather married and buried  the same woman twice?

My older, wiser cousin explained:  The closer stone was the first wife's, our grandmother's, who died before her time. Since he and our future uncles and aunts--imagine them squalling--needed someone to care for them, our grandfather re-married relatively quickly. Our grandmother and "the other" just happened to have the same name.

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