Requesting translation on Viewmate #lithuania #yiddish #translation


Hello!    I have uploaded to Viewmate a scan of the back of a family photo taken in the late 1800s, likely in Lithuania.  There is a lot of handwritten Yiddish, which I'm at a loss to translate.  I hope someone can take a look at this and maybe decipher and translate the writing.   

Link to the image on Viewmate is

Thanks in advance!

KUNKIS and LEHMAN/LAYMON from Glubokoye, Disna District, Vilna Guberniya (Northern Belarus/Eastern Lithuania region)
LEIBOWITZ from Kelme and surrounding area, Lithuania (changed to Levine in US)
GRUSINSKY/GRUZINSKY/GRUSIN from Kelme, Siauliai, Kaunas and surrounding area, Lithuania; South Africa
SCHRIER and PACHTER/PECHTER from Yarmolinits/Jarmolincy, Dunayevtsy, Kamenetz-Podolsk, Tarnoruda, Ukraine
KOSSOI/KOSSOY from Vetka, Gomel, Chechersk, Belarus   
PEVTZOV and MARGOLIN from Vetka and Gomel area, Belarus

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