Re: Can Udel be a Female Given Name?# names # hungary

Molly Staub

Hi Trudy, This is a longshot, but my maternal side was from Ukraine. My ggf Yishea (Yehoshua) Berenson was married to a woman the family knew as Riva the Midwife. After marrying him, she lived in Krasnoye, Podolia Gubernia, Ukraine.. I know she delivered the Loigman children in Krasnoye between 1892 and 1901.The family said she was quite successful and even lectured at a school for midwifery. Her grown children pictured in a 1904-photo I have are all wearing substantial jewelry..I have been searching for her maiden name for three decades! Might this be the Riva/Rivka for whom your relatives were named? Cousin? Molly

Krasnoye, London

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