Re: Genealogical research in Argentina #latinamerica

Yoni Kupchik

I would like to add to what Alberto Guido Chester wrote on research in Argentina - 

1) covers only arrivals at the Buenos Aires port. It does not cover any other port (for example the port of La Plata through which many immigrants arrived to Argentina)

2) The JewishGen database of the agricultural colonies in Argentina is a growing one. We currently have online 20,000 different names from passengers lists and other sources. We are working hard on the actual census records from all colonies and from various years, hopefully a first batch of census records will go online soon.

3) Another very good source for Jewish immigrants in Argentina is They have scanned and put online two important databases - the Argentina 1895 census and the Civil Registration records for the district of Entre Rios for the years ~1900-1930. Entre Rios was the district where most colonies were located so these records have a tremendous amount of Jewish vital records. The records are in Spanish. According to the data in these records will be searchable soon. Right now most of the data can be browsed but not searched through the search engine. Most books have indexes so it's not a big deal looking for a name.


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