Re: Help with Lithuania shtetl name #lithuania

Judith Singer

Vidugora is probably Vidugiriai. The JewishGen Gazetteer includes two communities in Lithuania with the name Vidugariai, both of which are near Panevezys (known under Russian rule as Ponevezh)::

Vidugiriai, Vidugirtsy, Vidugirtsay populated place 55°38' N 24°55' E G Lithuania 23.1 miles ESE of Panevė�ys (Ponevezh) 55°44' N 24°21' E
Vidugiriai, Vidugirtsy populated place 55°45' N 24°58' E G Lithuania 24.0 miles E of Panevė�ys (Ponevezh) 55°44' N 24°21' E

I can't tell which of these would be your grandfather's birthplace but now at least you have a starting place. 

Good luck - Judith Singer

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