Re: How to make sense of two death records that don't make sense to me #germany

I would be very cautious about your theory.  I have a branch of the family from Austria/Moravia.  Seraphine/Seraphina/Serafine 
was not an uncommon name.  There are several in the family.  Multiple uses of the same name (often for cousins) makes it more
difficult to sort out families.  In your case, the geographic differences may make it even more problematic. Do you have a death
record for Henriette?   These may well be two separate families with daughters named Seraphine/Seraphina.

Good luck
Avivah Pinski
near Philadelphia, USA

1a.  Re: How to make sense of two death records that don't make sense to me #germany
From: Shana Millstein
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 2020 22:00:30 EDT

I want to thank all of you for sending me your thoughts. I will be following up on them. Right now, I have a theory which fits the data I have (data that I do not have italicized in parentheses):  In 1813 Levi and Henriette LICHTENSTEIN have a daughter Seraphine. (Henriette dies). Levi (who now has the imposed surname Israel?) remarries Freidericke and they have a daughter in 1826 they name Seraphina (a tiny variation in the name, and the main part of this theory I have trouble with. More research to do).  They have another child in 1833 named Johanne Henriette (after his dead wife?). The two records do come from different parts of Germany.  None of them ever came to the US.
I look forward to following up on your ideas and solving the mystery.


Avivah R. Z. Pinski ,  near Philadelphia, USA

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