Kaunitz Herrschaft, Bohemia #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

This discussion started because Karen Cecilio believed her husband's line
of Jewish KAUNITZ may have left Moravia because of the Familianten laws, and
travelled, as many did, to Hungary, taking the name KAUNITZ as that is where
they may have originated.

I have already discussed Kanitz [sic] and Austerlitz in Moravia - the latter
was the main seat of the famous Kaunitz family, although like many of these
wealthy, influential families, they may well have had estates elsewhere.

I omitted to mention that in Bohemia there was also a Kaunitz [Kounice]
Herrschaft in the Kaurzimer/Kourimer Kreis. This Herrschaft comprised of six
villages: Kaunitz [Kounice], Wykann [Vykan], Mochow [Mochov], Nehwizd [Nehvizdy],
Horauschau [Horousany] and Daubeck [Doubek].

There also appears to be a village called Kanitz in the Bidschover Kreis,
Bohemia. Only one family - that of Abraham TAUSEK, a potash extractor with
a wife and three daughters, had their Schutz in that village, but they lived
in the Herrschaft of Neubidschau. [Novy Bydzov].

So the names Kaunitz and Kanitz are not exclusive to Moravia, but are also
found in Bohemia.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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