Re: "His name was changed at Ellis Island" #names

Bob Bloomberg

The myth of intentional name changing has been proved false.  The discussion is about inadvertent, accidental name changes.  A vociferous, adamant group insists that never, never never happened.  All the immigrant official did was check off the name on the ship's manifest.
And how did the official know what name to check off.  Only two ways.  One, the immigrant had a name tag, and the official matched the tag to the manifest.  And, of course, the two always always always matched.  So, no chance that there could be any name change.  The second way was to ask the immigrant in that rare chance there was no name tag.  In that case, the immigrant said her name exactly the way it was spelled on the manifest. And, here too, there could be no confusion, no further questions, no guesses, no nothing.  Perfect system   

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