Re: Immigration to US of Avram/Abraham BERCOVICI/BERKOWITZ from #romania

Mike Grossman

Thanks to those who helped with this query, especially CR and BF. I really appreciate it. In Pepi BERKOWITZ's Declaration of Intention (sent to me by BF) it states that she entered NY under the name of Pepi GROSSMAN (no relation that I know of, yet.) on a specific ship on a specific date. Other information is correct: address, childrens' names and dates of birth, etc.  When I searched for the passenger list, I discovered that she was accompanied by her 1yo daughter, Paulina GROSSMAN, destined for Philadelphia. So there they are, Pepi and Pearl BERKOWITZ with other names.
My question is, under what circumstance would she be traveling with her daughter under a different name? Might Pepi and Pearl have bought the tickets from Pepi and Paulina, when they couldn't travel? Any suggestions?

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