Re: Genealogical research in Argentina #latinamerica

Rolando Gail

I want to clarify at least one point of Mr. Chester letter. He stated that AGJA is not working anymore.
I think that this should be expressed otherway. I'm the last secretary of AGJA's board. All the mandates are overdue, and some of the members (including me, of course) decided to continue with AGJA's activities, researches and help. We discontinued the memberships, in order to avoid all the paperwork and complications. So, we refused to manage money. The immediate consequence was that some people preferred not to continue on these conditions, so, a few members are actually involved on supporting AGJA and our friends.
Under this limited way of doing things, we did the following: 
a) We signed a couple of agreements with the IWO foundation at Buenos Aires. They enabled a place for our meetings, and they keep safe our library, enabling public searches on it.
b) We preserved our web site, at although actually only a few people use it. Most preferred Facebook, so
c) We created a page at Facebook for AGJA. 
d) And we also created a Facebook group, in order to have better interaction with and between all friends.
e) We make a new e-mail address available for the requests from public from all around the world: consultas.agja@... 
f) during all these years, we continue with the agreement with Jewishgen project JOWBR, updating the databases of Argentine jewish cemeteries.
g) We began a new project: taking the matzevoth photos of our oldest cemeteries and adding it (and it's information) to the Jewishgen database. Till now, more than 4000 burials were incorporated to the gallery. It's a work in progress.
h) We began another project using Google Earth, a large map with the places of interest of our friends, like old cemeteries, old Colonies borders, historic train stations, etc. Also a work in progress.
i) And we helped, with our poor, only human resources to reunify dozens of families, our favorite activity.
If you still think that AGJA is no more active, just take a tour over all of these, and let Us talk about it
Warmes regards from Argentina
Rolando D. Gail

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