Re: Question on DNA and Cohenim #dna

Stephen Weinstein

I have been reminded that my previous answer was wrong because I neglected to consider the restrictions on whom a Kohen can marry.

First, that means that even if a Kohen and a Jewish woman have a son, the son won't necessarily be a Kohen under certain circumstances, but Y-DNA testing won't indicate that the child isn't a Kohen.

Second, if a Kohen and the daughter of a convert (I've changed this from a Kohen and a convert) have a son, he's a Kohen (and so is his son, if born Jewish), but if a Kohen and a gentile do, the child is not (even if he converts) and neither is his son (even if born Jewish).  DNA testing can't tell the difference because conversion doesn't change a person's DNA.

So while I got some of the details wrong, my point is still valid: DNA can't prove that someone is a Kohen.

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