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Congratulations on a wonderful translation. I had not realised that the declaration was to enable the wedding of Rika OS to proceed. However, when I looked again at the Allgemeiner Polizei-Anzeiger, Vol 29, No 42, pages 221-2, [Coburg 24 Nov 1849] case # 10445 where it shows Levi Simon OS’ children, I noticed on p.222 an Esther OS aged 21 years who was married to a fatso [?] Philipp from France. But according to the magistrate of Winschoten, the latter is called Abraham Gumpel, aged about 43 years, and also a wandering rogue. Could she be the same as Rika OS?

The German publication also shows that Levi Simon OS had two brothers: Andreas Simon and Liaser Simon and that Rachel Lappemann was probably born in the region of Mittmund, but there is also a footnote that according to other reports, she came from Amsterdam and that her mother still lives there. She has several [9?] brothers and sisters.

This info may help Reuven and may fit in with the record of Juan Goudsmit.
Regards, Nick Lambrechtsen

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