SELIG Brick Wall #general

Fred Half

I have hit a brick wall with the spouse of Moyse SELIG, born at Thüngen, Bavaria in 1860 (based on other BMD records) and died 9 June 1829 at Thüngen, Bavaria. Her name was Hendla (aka Hannah, Anna, Anne) Abraham? and was born at Ingwiller, Bas-Rhin, Alsace, France prior to 4 September 1782 or in 1773 based on BMD records of her sons Isaac and Segligmann SELIG. I have not found either her birth record or even where she died. As to death locations I have searched Ingwiller as well as any of the towns that I am aware of where her children lived (Rothbach, Joinville, Haguenau in France). Her son Seligmann died in Rothbach on 11 January 1861, and her son Isaac emigrated to the United States after 1853. I am hoping that someone might have these people in their family, knowledge of the B&D records in Thüngen (to verify the birth of Moyse SELIG), or any other ideas as to how and where to search. Please reply privately unless there is useful methodology for the entire group. Thanks in advance.


Fred Half
Palo Alto, CA USA

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