Settlements in Curaçao and St. Thomas #sephardic

John Anderson

I have come across an extended family, probably Sephardic, who came to the US (San Francisco) around 1882. One was the DEL VALLE family who probably came from Curaçao. One married into the CORTISSOZ family from St. Thomas. It is an interesting search, but I do have a problem with one location: in the 1900 Census of California (San Francisco), I find these people:

Rachell Delvalles

David Delvalles

Dan Delvalles

Joe Delvalles

Ray Delvalles

Ida Delvalles

Judith Delvalles

Delia Lindo

Otto Lindo

Hilda Lindo

Albert Lindo

Olga Lindo

All the DELVALLEs were born in the “West Indies” which I know to be St. Thomas, having migrated from Curaçao except the LINDO family.  Delia (DEL VALLE) LINDO was born in the West Indies, but she married someone named S.J. LINDO, and 2 of his children (lotto and Hilda, above) were born in “U.S. Columbia” according to the 1900 census. Where is that? Is it Colombia? Panama? Curaçao?  The others (Albert and Olga) were born in Germany. As I said, a very interesting family!


John Anderson, Orlando, Florida


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