List of Shoah Victims from Pochep, Russia #holocaust #russia

Beth Galleto

A memorial to 1,846 Jews from the vicinity of Pochep, Russia who were murdered in the Holocaust was reconstructed and rededicated in August 2018. It now consists of a central monument surrounded by 32 stone plaques inscribed with 1,164 of the names of those who lie buried in that place.


I have obtained the list of these names, which was compiled by Olesya Petrovskaya and her students over a period of ten years. Petrovskaya is director and teacher of the Rechitsa Secondary School of the Pochep District. The names were collected from many sources including residents' recollections, reports from the Soviet Extraordinary State Commission, war letters, pages of testimony from Yad Vashem, and others.


I have translated all the names into English and posted them on my kehilalinks website for Pochep. You can see the memorial monument here:


Please click on the two links at the bottom of the Memorial page to see the complete list of names and to see photos of each of the individual plaques.


May their memory be for a blessing.

Beth Galleto


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