Re: Settlements in Curaçao and St. Thomas #sephardic

Sherri Bobish

Hi John,

I found that Hilda LINDO's married name is Hilda MADURO.

A 1927 passenger manifest shows Hilda MADURO & other family arriving in San Francisco.

That manifest gives her birthplace and citizenship as Panama.  The area that became Panama was part of Colombia until 1903.

Here is one scenario why 1900 census would give her birthplace as "US Columbia."

If her father was a diplomat, or other U.S. citizen working officially in Columbia / Panama, that would have made Hilda born a U.S. citizen. Hence, the "US / Columbia" on 1900 census.  

If Hilda married a citizen of Panama she would have automatically taken on the citizenship of her husband, and lost her U.S. citizenship.  That was the case until 1922.

In 1927 Hilda is traveling with what looks like two of her children named Oswald & Doris MADURO.

Several Lindo family members are also traveling with Hilda.

Yes, an interesting family!

Regards,   Sherri Bobish,  Princeton, NJ

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