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Barbara Rice

I find this items on FamilySearch that may be of interest.

1. Immigrant records, 1884-1952: Microfilm of original records at the Jewish Archives in the Balch Institute, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Records give name, sex, nativity, date, destination, and ship of arrival. Most are arrivals at Philadelphia with some at New York City. Few records exist for 1924-1941. Records are alphabetical by first letter of last name. Final destinations include locations all through the United States.

These records can be used in conjunction with the ship passenger lists listed under "Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), records, 1884-1948," which are chronological in arrangement. Many of the immigrants are the same in both records.

2. Card file of detainee immigrants, 1914-1921
Microfilm of original records at the Balch Institute, Philadelphia Jewish Archives, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Cards are generally arranged alphabetically.

Records are for those generally arriving at Philadelphia who were detained by authorities for various reasons. Information includes name, ship and date of arrival, address of final destination, and reason held.

3. Jewish immigrant aid societies' records of Jewish arrivals, 1913-1947
Microfilm of original manuscripts at the Balch Institute, Philadelphia Jewish Archive Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Some cards are not in strict alphabetical order.

Includes records primarily of the Port of Philadelphia, Association for the Protection of Jewish Immigrants; Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society of America (headquarters, New York City). Also includes a few records of the Council of Jewish Women, Department of Immigrant Aid; Port of Boston, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society of Massachusetts; Port of Baltimore, Hebrew Immigrants Protective Association.

Looks like 1912 is mysteriously missing from items 2 and 3 though included in #1.

Barbara Rice
Minneapolis, MN
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