NewArticle on IGRA website-“The Brothers Tissenbaum: Discovering Drama Dostoevsky Didn’t Write” #usa #russia

Elena Bazes

IGRA (Israel Genealogy Research Association) has posted a new article on its website, “The Brothers Tissenbaum: Discovering Drama Dostoevsky Didn’t Write”.


In this article, Jeffrey writes that shortly after his father passed away in June, 1995, his brother alerted him to information that their maternal grandfather was not the first member of our mother’s family to arrive in Baltimore. He had been preceded by his own maternal grandfather Aaron Shmul Tissenbaum. (See the IGRA website for Jeffrey’s article last year about this same Aaron Shmul, a noteworthy figure in early Baltimore Jewish history.)


Jeffrey was prompted to use this new piece of information to do further research into his family which is included in this extensive article.

Jeffrey (Yitzkhaq Moshe) Knisbacher was born in 1941, Baltimore, Maryland of Galician descent on my father’s side and Ukrainian, on my mother’s. His education includes a BA from Johns Hopkins University, BHK from Baltimore Hebrew College, MA and PhD from Brown University.

He has worked at the IBM Research Center, University of Pittsburgh, and as a teacher and analyst for the US government. Jeffrey has published widely.

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