SIG/RD/BOF/RG Application Reminder - 5 days left! #jgs-iajgs #announcements

Nolan Altman

Due Date – July 15th!


Dear SIG, RD, BOF, RG leader,

As you are probably aware by now, this year’s IAJGS Conference on Jewish Genealogy will be a “Virtual Conference”.  The good news is that the conference Chairs have worked out a mechanism for SIG/RD/BOF/RG groups to meet in virtual meeting rooms during the conference period.  Many of you already submitted applications but some of you notified us that you could not hold a session because you would not be able to travel to San Diego.  Since physical attendance is no longer an issue, we are doing a re-set and providing all groups the opportunity to apply for a meeting session.  Please read the rest of this letter carefully and submit the accompanying application form by July 15th.

The Virtual Conference will take place between Monday, August 10th and Thursday, August 13th between 10:00 AM and 7:30 PM, Eastern Daylight Time. In addition to SIG/RD/BOF/RG meetings, there will be live and pre-recorded sessions. Additional good news for your group is that we would like to offer the SIG/RD/BOF/RG meetings at no charge to attendees, so you could invite existing members and potential members who may not be interested in attending the full conference, but would like to meet with your group.

Attendees for any part of the conference, including the SIG/RD/BOF/RG meetings, must register for the conference.  Registration for the full conference, which will include a variety of live and recorded sessions is $325. (By the way, the $250 early bird rate expires on Sunday, July 5th in case you have not registered and want to.)

By submitting your new request, you are agreeing to the following conditions:

  1. Your meeting cuts off abruptly at one hour, so watching the clock is necessary.
  2. Your meeting will be designed as a simple networking session, not a webinar. However, PowerPoint, screensharing and chat functions are available like in a webinar. You may discuss projects that your group has accomplished or is pursuing, but you agree not to invite a special speaker or present a formal webinar that more properly belongs within the conference to paying attendees.
  3. You will submit the names and contact information for two Moderators who will be responsible for running the technical part of your session with your reply to this letter. If your group is larger than a handful of people, it is in your interest that these people should be different than the person or people who are leading the meeting. We will have a professional technician available to you in the background, but you will need to supply one or two moderators. (It is intended that the moderators will deal with screensharing, taking questions, cueing speakers, etc.  That is why it might be best for the moderator to be someone other than a speaker or leader.)
  4. You will respond to this request ASAP and before July 15th, so the conference organizers have time to schedule the sessions and reach out to your appointed moderators for any necessary training.

Applications MUST be returned by July 15th, 2020 at the to SIGandBOF@...g  (Earlier replies are very much appreciated.)  If we do not get a response by July 15th, your group will not be scheduled.

Feel free to contact me at the same email address with any questions. 


Nolan Altman


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