Looking for Abraham Aranovich family Romania to Argentina #romania

Ricardo Alejandro rubinstein

I m looking for more info about my grandfather s family. He was borned in Izmail, by that moment Romania, then Russian Empire and actually Ukraine. It was Bessarabia by 1893. His name Abraham Aranovich . His father Samuel was probably borned in 1861, perhaps in Izmail, perhaps in Kiliya where the had family, perhaps Chelm. All of them near towns. Samuel is said to have changed his surname, originally Gerberoff to avoid military service. One theory says he took his mother´s surname, Aranovih, the other he was adopted after Mongolian war, where he was injured by a childless family named Aranovich. We don´t really know the truth version.
Samuel married Ester Yankelevich, probably borned in 1864 and might have been married in 1882. Their first son Miguel is from 1883, then came Jaime 1885, Mauricio 1891, Abraham, my grandfather in 1893, Salomon 1895, Malka 1902 and Leon 1904.
In 1905 they came to Argentina shipping in the Cap Arcona of Hamburg Sud, starting from Hamburg to Buenos Aires.
In Argentina they settled in Colonia Clara, Pcia de Entre Rios in fields provided by the Jewish Colonization Asociation.
I travelled to Izmail 15 years ago to visit his native town, met the rabbi Fishl Chychelnytskyi and other members of the community, went to cemetery, Danube River, etc. It was only 1 day, emotionally full. But I didn´t get too much information about anccestors by that time. Emails contacts got lost with the time.
Now we joined with other members of the family and want to know more about. 
Is it possible to find Samuel and Ester Ketuba. 
Who were their parents.
Abraham told he had a sister died before coming to America. Her name, age?
Is there family still remaining there
How did they travel from Izmail to Hamburg, navigating the Danube River, or by the Mediterranean sea
Are there files of the passages in the Cap Arcona ship
Whatever we start knowing with your help, welcome

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