Re: "His name was changed at Ellis Island" #names

Jules Levin

On 7/10/2020 1:21 PM, Bob Bloomberg wrote:
If the name on the manifest is the name they used--ALWAYS--then help
me out please.  I've looked at literally hundreds of ship manifests. 
I can decipher some, but nowhere near all, the names.  And I have all
the time I need.  I have access to experts in languages.  I don't have
hundreds of people waiting in line for me to make my decision.  Just
like the immigration officials, I don't ask the immigrant, so I must
use my best judgment as to what the name is, and how it's
spelled.Butthe names were NeVER changed.
The clerk doesn't have to "read" the name, he only has to /match/ the
name with the name already written on the tag.  He writes down nothing. 
The immigrant gets his checkmark and then goes off and uses any name he
darn well pleases.  When his kid learns 10 yrs later that their "name"
was changed, the simplest answer in a busy household that in those days
did not feel it necessary to indulge children, was "changed at Ellis
Island".  As many have already noted, the anomalies would have occurred
at the point of departure in the Old Country.  That is where a clerk had
to enter the name on a manifest.

Jules Levin (name changed by grandfather from Levitan)

  Please explain

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