SCHREIBER and BLEYER descendants in Israel #israel #hungary #slovakia


I am looking for descendants in Israel of either of two married couples:
Karl SCHREIBER (d. 1969) and Ilona ("Shifra") nee ROSENTHAL (d. 1986)
Address in 1960: Bicaron Dam - Hamakabim 37/13, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Ilona born in Slovakia
Pavel BLEYER (Bleier) and Margit ("Maca", "Mara") nee ROSENTHAL (1902 - c. 1995), widow of Josef STEINBERG
Address in 1993: 28 Raziel Str., Ramat Chen, Israel
Margit born in Slovakia

Ilona and Margit were both first cousins of my father and I would love to make contact with any of their descendants to exchange family stories.  Thank you for any pointers or ideas.

Martin Tompa
Seattle, Washington, USA

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