Re: Lincoln Brigade and Spanish Civil War #usa

Kenneth Ryesky

This was in 2006; perhaps I spoke with the wrong bureaucrat at the library.  Oftentimes, bureaucrats (library or otherwise) at academic institutions are students who are pleased to get some sort of paltry income from an institution that is pleased to be able to find someone to accept substandard wages.

[During my undergrad years I myself was employed as a "student assistant" shelving books at the university's library.  On my income tax returns, I entered "Bibliotechnician" as my occupation.].

Sometimes, asking someone else after the first bureaucrat says "no" can get you to a "yes," but for me it never came to that because I did a workaround through the good offices of my contacts at my own institution's library.

Thanks for the clarification, Erika.

-- KHR

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