Information on Great Grandmother GLAZER Family #lithuania


I'm trying to find information on my great grandmother, Rose Rebekah GLAZER KLINE Lepman (Lipman). Immigrated from Lithuania, was widowed before my Grandmother was born in 1895, then remarried a man by the name of Lipman or Lepman. Spellings are all different. 
I have some documents that I have gathered but don't know how to proceed further to track down further information. I'm also trying to determine if my Grandmother was one of 4 children or one of 5. There are rumors that she had an older sister that had been ostracized from the family and we would like to determine if this is a rumor or fact and to track her/family down.
I have attached findings (I think all 40 items uploaded?) that I have so far. Can anyone help me ?

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