Re: How to determine Warsaw street address? #warsaw

I know the address in Warszawa of my grandparents' store on Zielna Street in Warszawa - I have a photo and it is listed in the 1928 Warsaw business directory.   Is there a way to find out where it is located today?  There is still a Zielna St in Warsaw and the closest I can get to the address is where the
Macabee Restaurant is now.  However, after the Shoah, many street locations were changed.  Is there a way of finding where addresses or streets were pre- and post Shoah?

Avivah Pinski
near Philadelphia researching
Zuchman- Karczew, Sarnaki, Warsaw
Reznik - Drohiczyn nad Bugiem, Poland


Avivah R. Z. Pinski ,  near Philadelphia, USA

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