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Susan Miller

A cousin of mine has a document entitled:


"Auszüge aus dem Registern der Juden der Gemeinde Griesheim Kr. Darmstadt"


It concludes with the following text:


"Die Richtigkeit des Auszugs wird bescheinigt.

Griesheim Kreis Darmstadt, den 27. Juli 1938.

Der Bürgermeister."


The body of the document is a list of all family members from the mid-18th century until the date it was prepared in 1938. My cousin always assumed that this was a document that Jews were required to provide to German authorities for their nefarious purposes.  He is interested in the circumstances surrounding the preparation of this document, i.e. 

-Who would have ordered that it be prepared and for what purposes was it ordered?

-How was the family notified that they were required to obtain the document?

-Did Jewish families obtain the list of family members from the Darmstadt city government?

-Was the family required to submit it to the German authorities or was it submitted by the town hall to a German agency?

-Which agency would it have been submitted to?

-How was the information used?


Any information appreciated.

Susan Miller



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