Book announcement #galicia

Israel P

I am pleased to announce that my book "ENDOGAMY: One Family, One
People" is now available for preorder, with a release date of 16 August. The
book deals with genetic genealogy and analysis of DNA test results with
special emphasis on endogamous populations, those who - like European
Jews - have been marrying within the tribe for hundreds of years.

Endogamy is a special challenge for genetic genealogy and this is the first
book on the subject. See the foreword and mission statement at

"ENDOGAMY: One Family, One People" is also personal in the sense that my
own families, particularly the Pikholz families of east Galicia, are the basis
for my work with DNA and this is largely their story.

I shall be speaking at several venues in the United States in the second half
of August, and they are listed on the website together with other information.

I'd be pleased if you would pass this on to anyone who you think might be

Israel Pickholtz

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