Researching the Family connection to Rabbi Avraham Lichtstein/Lichtenstein. Any help would be appreciated. #poland #rabbinic #yiddish #austria-czech

Jacob Walzer

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I hope I won't make this to long. I will try to give as much details as possible. 
I will appreciate if anyone could please read through it. So you can understand what I am trying to research.

According, to family information, we are descendants of Rabbi Avrohom Lichtstein. But no one is sure how. I did see a few profiles online, but according to documents I discovered that is totally false.  
Rabbi Avrohom Lichtstein was a Rabbi in the very late 1700's to earlier part of the 1800's.

According to the main page to the Seforim/Hebrew books he authored he was the Rabbi in many cities. I am not exactly sure of the order in which cities he served as the Rabbi. 
The main Sefer he printed is Kanfei Nisharem. If you google הרב אברהם ליכטשטיין or ספר כנפי נשורים you should definitely see something about him come up. 

According to the information I gathered. And also discovered in the book Pinkus Bialystok.  Vol 1 The Lichtenstein family was living there. It is mentioned on the main page of his books. that he was the son of Eliezer Lippman and a grandson of the famous Rabbi Kloinimus Kalmen from Bialystok.  On page 83 he is mentioned once. and on page 110 again. Page 110 was translated in to English.
This chapter covered the period from 1795 to 1807.
It also mentions about his father's fathers brother Which also had the name Avrohom. But no mention anywhere who Rabbi Avrohom Lichtenstein children were. 
Another interesting notation. In all his printings, he writes his name ליכטשטיין Lichtshtein. Not Lichtenstein. 
On different of his books these cities are mentioned as the cities he was Rabbi. 
Wolkowisk. spelled in Yiddish וואלקאוויסק

Zabłudów זאבלודאווע 

I would appreciate if anyone can figure this out somehow somewhere.

Thank you in advance,

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