Jules Levin

During that time period, economic expansion did not provide enough jobs
for the young Jewish men coming of age.  All studies suggest that
economic motives were more important than draft dodging.  Most Jews
remained in Russia, and most served honorably.  It might be that the
percent of draft dodgers was not much greater than the percent of
Americans who fled to Canada to escape the Viet Nam draft.  I am writing
this message to honor the many thousands of Jewish veterans of the
Russian army who were allowed to keep their weapons when discharged, and
who defended Jewish communities against pogroms, as well as Jewish
pioneers in the Yishuv.  I also note that the children of the "draft
dodger" immigrants served honorably in the US Army in WW I.

Jules Levin

On 6/2/2020 11:35 AM, erikagottfried53@... wrote:
This is fascinating.  It's great that you have a translation. Would it
be possible for you to post a scan of the original document?  I think
I'm not the only one who's always wanted to see what these look like.

Erika Gottfried  - granddaughter of another successful draft dodger
(Thanks, grandpa!)
Teaneck, New Jersey

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