Re: Daughter of Saul Ben Judah (Sir Saul Wahl) Wahl Katzenellenbogen #names


Dear Mr. Cherson                                                                                                 13th July 2020

My name is Veronika Pachtinger--my mother was a nee Biderman/Biederman --her father--Herman/Hersl/Zvi Biderman 's  (D.O.B.) 4th May 1881 )  parents were Suri-Necha/Sali/Rosalia Wohl/Wahl--born on the 2nd May 1855 in Bettendorf?--Rosalia/Suri-Necha Wahl/Wohl's father was Tobias/Tuvia WAHL/Wohl  a direct Descendant of Saul Wahl

Rosalia/Suri-Necha Wahl/Wohl's  ( D.O.B. 2nd May 1855--31st October 1929)   husband was Moishe Biderman ( Petirah 3rd August 1911) --Moishe Biderman's father was Mordechai Biderman --They had 13 children and they lived in Hanusovce Nad Toplou/Tapoly-Hannusfalve
Mioshe Biderman is buried in Hanusovce Nad Toplou.--prior to Hanusovce--They may have lived in Presov?  or Radvany/Radvanyka

If I am not mistaken Tobias/Tuvia Wahl/Wohl may have been married ----before He married Rosalia/Suri-Necha Wahl/Wohl's mother ?--- more than once

I wonder, if you can help any way, I have a lot of missing links--like who was the mother of Rosalia/Suri-Necha Wohl/Wahl? 

I am aware that Rosalia/Suri necha Wohl/Wahl  may have had two brother's Sloime Dovid Wahl/Wohl who may have married a nee Preiss/Preisz  and
Izsak Wahl/Wohl---I do not know if Izsak married , if yes whom?

Please, if you have any info, I would be more than indepted.

Kind regards
Veronika Pachtinger

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