Re: How to determine Warsaw street address? #warsaw

Krzysztof Witaszek


There is an interesting site for Warsaw that shows old street photographs.

It's only in Polish, but try to use it. Type the street (or with the pre-war house number)  in the field „wyszukaj” and you will receive  several places on the street that have their photo.

Or use the „fotoplan” to check on the map which houses have their photo. Marked green color are houses that survived to this day, red houses are those that were destroyed, but have their photo.

If you need assistance please write.


"However, after the Shoah, many street locations were changed"  

To be precise, the houses in the Warsaw Ghetto were totally demolished after the Ghetto uprising in 1943.

The rest of Warsaw was badly destroyed in the Warsaw uprising in 1944 and after. But the houses on Zielna street that survived the war were demolished only  in 1950ies to make a place for the ugly Stalin's Palace and so the house numbers have changed too.


Krzysztof Witaszek


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