Re: Questions about Document in Germany #germany

Ernst-Peter Winter

I think that Eva Lawrence is right when she links the
creation of the document with a person's personal interest
in their origin, their ancestors. Perhaps someone here has
the opportunity to obtain this information before emigrating
from Germany. In view of the developments in Germany, the
probability of receiving this information later was low.

The "Zivilstandsregister der Juden" had to be kept by the
mayor's offices in the part of the Grand Duchy of Hesse on
the right bank of the Rhine since about 1810 and contained
births, marriages and deaths of the Jewish population.

For Griesheim, some registers, so-called "Judenmatrikel",
are already available as digital copies in the Hessian State

The document mentioned above was probably made by the
registry office of the municipality and the mayor confirmed
the correctness of the data. Since Griesheim was and is an
independent municipality, the city administration of the
city of Darmstadt has nothing to do with it.

The Nazis requested the documents for their murderous
business through official channels directly from the
authorities. The documents would never have come into the
possession of private individuals. It never became known to
me that people had to prove their Jewish descent -
conversely, proof that they did _not_ come from Jewish
ancestors had to be provided.

Ernst-Peter (Winter), M√ľnster (Hessen)
just 25 km east of Griesheim near Darmstadt

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