Who buried the deceased after Liberation in the Netherlands #holocaust


I recently came upon a photo of a gravestone for my husband's grandfather in the Netherlands which I don't believe anybody in his family knew about.  He died in Amsterdam on April 5, 1945 but the Netherlands wasn't liberated until May 5, 1945.  The only other relative I have found that would have been with him was his wife who died a few years later and I have no record of where she is interned, if at all.  My mother-in-law was an only child and had been sent to America at a much earlier date and sadly was never able to see or speak to them again.  Hence this finding was quite a surprise. 

I have attached a picture of the gravestone as well as the cemetery.  As I doubt he would have been buried before the end of the war, especially in a Jewish cemetery, where would the bodies have been before burial, who would have buried him and when?  I highly suspect it would have been one of the relief agencies but no idea as to whom would have been so kind to do so.  

Anne Kestenbaum

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