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Eva Lawrence

I apologise for the omission. I clicked the link 'reply to this
message' and also used the same subject line as the query in my
response. Unfortunately that wasn't picked up. Perhaps I should have
used a hashtag? . If we gave the number of the digest and the number
of the message we are replying to, this would not cater for the people
who receive each message as it is posted. Could each message posted
have a unique reference number? That might be a simple solution and easy
to implement. . I'd like to avoid receiving the same conversations many
times in my inbox, each iteration longer than the last. Inboxes get
cluttered up enough already.. Unique reference numbers would also
become long and unwieldy, but we start the numbering afresh every year.

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It is possible that the document was prepared for some unpleasant purpose. However, in that case I'm surprised that it still exists, and wasn't destroyed by its owner to avoid the post-war Nazi hunt. It's more likely that the list was made for an interested genealogist.
Genealogy was a popular pastime for middle-class men in the 1930s., and I have a similar document sent to my great-uncle, who was very interested in the history of the family. My father inherited this list, together with his uncle's hobby and used the information he'd collected to good effect to find relatives abroad to help with our emigration. In fact my very elderly grandmother's visa to England was from along-lost nephew on her family tree.
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.
I would like to protest the new Jewishgen format and use this message as a typical example

To me, at least, a response to an absent question is meaningless. How can the "Power that Be" of Jewishgen use a system in which response of their users are rendered meaningless. It cannot be beyond the ability of those who now how to code text, to devise a method which always reproduces the source of the item being responded to.

David Lewin

Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

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