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Bernard Flam

Hi from Paris,
Searching Michnel Beserglik for Deborah 

According to my previous answer, point 1.1.1., I attach copy of the two pages of "French Journal Officiel (JO)" edited on July 3rd, 1938 where naturalization decree of Michnel is published (see last page, middle second column).
File can be copied at French National Archives, point 1.1.4.
Michnel was 31', not maried with a foreign wife (she would appear in same decree), or maried with an already French wife.

Michnel had been KIA, "Mort pour la France", during nazi invasion of France (Blitzkrieg) on June 16th, 1940, a few days before cease fire and armistice : I attach another page of JO published in 1943. He should be buried in a national war cemetery.
His military file is kept in our national military archives of Caen

Another couple named Beserglik, Kalma and ?, had been naturalized in 1948 , decree published in JO of 1949, see document.

Bernard Flam
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