Re: Questions about Document in Germany #germany

Barbara Mannlein <bsmannlein@...>

David and Eva both cite the difficulties with the new reply format.  More than ¾ of the responses are useless, because one has no idea to what they refer  This is my work around:  

On a MAC, I have the option of 'Reply To Sender' OR 'ReplyTo All' in the tool bar.  I use that instead of the options in the email.  WHY?  Because that way the message to which I am responding is included in my email.  I DELETE those parts of the email that do not apply, as well as everything below the line.    

Eva's solution might??  work for those who get the Digest.  It would not work for those who get individual messages.  


Barbara Mannlein
Tucson, AZ

On 07/14/2020 8:28 AM David Lewin <david@...> wrote:
Not so simple!  I ignore the newfangled response options and use "reply to all". That bring up main@...  twice for some unknown reason, so I delete one of them.  I then look for the email of the sender and ensure that this, too, is in the "Address To:-"  location

I also copy and paste as "quoted" the message to which I am reacting, so that the reader can see what I am writing about 

Hash tags are something I have never learned, so until someone teaches me, I use none, in the same way I have done for decades.

At 10:23 14/07/2020, Eva Lawrence wrote:
I apologise for the omission. I clicked the link 'reply to this
message' and also used the same subject line as the query in my
response. Unfortunately that wasn't picked up. Perhaps I should have
used a hashtag? . If we gave the number of the digest and the number
of the message we are replying to, this would not cater for the people
who receive each message as it is posted. Could each message posted
have a unique reference number? That might be a simple solution and easy to implement. . I'd like to avoid receiving the same conversations many times in my inbox, each iteration longer than the last. Inboxes get
cluttered up enough already.. Unique reference numbers would also
become long and unwieldy, but we start the numbering afresh every year

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