Brick Wall - SILVER Grandparents #poland #russia


This is another brick wall that I have been trying to breakdown for years.  My ggf was known as Jack Silver in the UK and the marriage authorisation just gives his birth place as Russia/Poland. It appears his father was Yehoshue and he had a brother called Tzvi. According to their marriage certificate he would have been born about 1871.  It is said he met his wife (Jane Cohen) on the boat coming over.  As I can't find them in the 1891 census I'm presuming they would have come over about 1892/3.  The marriage certificate tells me that his father had been a publican but had died by the time Jack got married.  This is the only information that I have to go on, and their is no other information within the family.  I have the history since their arrival in the UK but would love to trace the history before that.  Where exactly was Jack born? Who was his mother? What happened to Tzvi?  It may well be that Jack came to England by himself? Any help greatly appreciated

Rachel Poole

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