Re: Gnendelmen family in New York City #usa

Sherri Bobish


Found this interesting State Department item about Fannie GNENDELMAN.  I've removed all names except Fannie's.


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Mr. Angus Ward, chief of the consular sec- 
tion of the American Embassy in Moscow, after 
3 weeks in Lwow consulting American citizens 
who were caught there and arranging for 
Soviet exit visas for them through the Embassy 
at Moscow, succeeded in having 30 such Ameri- 
can citizens leave by train on January 20, for 
the frontier station of Sniatyn (U. S. S. K.) 
and Oraseni (Rumania). 

Arrangements for them to enter Rumania 
without Rumanian visas were made with the 
Rumanian Government through the good offices 
of the American Legation at Bucharest. 

The American Legation at Bucharest reports 
that the following American citizens passed 
the Soviet frontier from Sniatyn to Oraseni on 
January 21, 1940, and reached Bucharest on the 
afternoon of January 22 : 

Fannie Gnendelman. 

The names given above are believed to be the 
same persons whose names and addresses are 
given below :

Gnendelman, Fannie, 2095 Morris Avenue, 

Bronx, N. Y. 

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