New Chicago Waldheim Cemetery Research Question: Is the Mishna Gemorra Section an indicator of anything? #usa

Judy Diamond

Two of my Great Grandparents (married to one another) were buried in the Mishna Gemorra section of Waldheim, one in 1913 and one in 1955. If you were buried there, did it have any particular meaning - that you came from a particular shtetl or family, etc?


According to their headstones, my GGF Nathan Cohen was born in Russia around 1857 and died in Chicago on November 27, 1913. Nathan, son of Judah, was buried in Gate 11, Plot 48, Grave 1. My GGM Sarah Schnair Cohen was born in Russia around 1854 and died in Chicago on August 29, 1955. Sarah, daughter of Zisl, was buried in Gate 11, Plot 49, Grave 9. They married in New York, had a child, came to Chicago in 1880/1, settled in the Maxwell Street area and had 9 more children. None of their children or grandchildren are still alive, and none of the great-grandchildren with whom I’ve been in contact have any information about where they came from in Europe.


Five years ago I spoke with Mike Karsen from JGSI, Edward Mazur from the CJHS, Debbie in the Waldheim office, someone from Silverman & Weiss who manages that area of the cemetery, someone from Spertus, and the Rabbi who at the time led the minyan for the shul. No one knew the answer to my question. I’ve been unable to trace my GGP roots prior to their arrival in New York, and hope that Mishna Gemorra might provide a hint. 


Your help is much appreciated!


Judy Diamond

Broward County Florida



COHEN (?/Chicago)

SCHNAIR (?/Chicago)

RUBENSTEIN (Mariampol/Chicago)


DIAMOND/JARZOMBEK (Lomza/Buffalo/Cleveland/Chattanooga/Dublin)

WITKIEWICZ (Kolno/Buffalo) 

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