Descendants of Hayyim Falk (Falcon) 1708-1782 and Sarah 'Aron' Sarfati da Pina (1714- ) #unitedkingdom #rabbinic

Lee Jaffe

I'm looking for information about children and other family connected to Hayyim Falk (or Falcon) 1708-1782.  I'm trying to follow-up leads suggesting I'm descended from Chaya Jozefa Falk (1717-1751) who is reputed to be his daughter.    I'm a little skeptical – too good to be true – and looking for further information that might confirm the link.  I've found a number of articles about his career but none mention children or anything else about his family.

Sources on various genealogy sites claim Chaya Jozela is the daughter of Hayyim Falk (Falcon) and Sarah 'Aron' Sarfati da Pina, of several Portuguese families.   These finds are very recent and take me into unknown territory.  If true, Chaya Jozefa would be my 6th great-grandmother, and might open the door to ancestors as far back as my 16th great-grandparents in the 15th C., born everywhere from Portugal, Fez, Constantinople, Hamburg, and mostly Amsterdam.  Before last week I had not managed to find descendants earlier than the mid-1800s and none born outside of the Pale of Settlement. 

I've been trying to temper the excitement with a dose of skepticism.  For instance, I hesitated to add Sarah to my tree initially because I kept running into sources that confused her with one of her two sisters (Ester or Gracia) or left her out of the family entirely.  Only after finding a few other sources identifying her in the line of descent, did I include her entry: but I'm still on the fence until I can find other, corroborating documentation or, failing that, a sense of the bigger picture where the weight is at least a little more on the side of this being the likely scenario.  

Hayyim Falk is another problem for a skeptic in that he is a significant historical figure and, therefore, an attractive person to link to your family tree.  There are contemporary pictures and accounts of him, and his grave is intact.  But I note that none of the trees including Falk show any external documentation that would support his inclusion. Further, I suspect that there is something of an "echo chamber" effect in play; that his inclusion in 10 or more trees doesn't constitute proof of anything.  It doesn't matter a great deal to me whether this Hayyim Falk or another (or someone completely different, for that matter) is the spouse of Sarah 'Aron' Sarfati da Pina and/or the father of Chaya Jozefa. But I  would like to know if there is any evidence, one way or another.

Thanks for any pointers to family info for these individuals.

Lee Jaffe
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