Viewmate Translation Request - Russian #latvia #lithuania

Michele Lock

On Viewmate, I have the following Russian marriage record for my great grandparents Abel Kalon and Chaje Rabinowitch, who married in Riga in 1892.

I'm interested to know what their mother's and father's names are in the document, and their family's home towns. Does the document say anything about which of them were actually residing in Riga? Also, what is the notation in the lower left of the document (at the bottom)?

Thank you

Michele Lock
Alexandria, VA

looking for Lock/Lak/Lok/Lack in Gruzdiai/Zagare/Joniskis,  Lithuania
looking for Kalon/Kolon in Joniskis/Kruk,  Lithuania
looking for Olitsky in Alytus, Lithuania
looking for Leybman/Lipman in Dotnuva, Lithuania

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